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Personal Development for those in Times of Transition
Bayside, Melbourne, Australia

Get helpful parenting information and inspiring, simple and creative ideas for enhancing your personal wellbeing.

  • Personal Development for Young People

    Are you a young person feeling overly self conscious, plagued by a lack of direction and self doubt, and struggling with questions of who you are and who you want to be?

    Counselling and art therapy can help you integrate past events, feel more at ease in yourself and with others and empower you to pursue a life that is more meaningful to you.

  • Personal Development for Parents

    Are you a parent who feels like you’re on auto pilot, unable to stop yourself from reacting, feeling overwhelmed, irritable and guilty a lot of the time?

    Counselling/art therapy and the Tuning in to Kids workshop will help you manage your stress, learn new strategies and ways of responding and improve your relationships with your children and family members.

  • Personal Development for Mid-Life Women

    Are you a woman going through menopause, distressed by the physical and emotional changes taking place, feeling anxious and overwhelmed by so many life challenges, while reassessing life direction and relationships?

    Counselling/art therapy and the Wise Woman Within Workshops can help you feel more integrated, congruent and at peace so you can create a meaningful and joyous vision for your future.

Deborah Albrecht

I help people in their various stages of life, and parents, live with greater purpose, joy and satisfaction.

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